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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Take It Where You Find It

The number of people inspired to song by the thought of jucidial filibuster compromises is sadly low. Mad Kane though is in that select and mellifluous group.

[Update:] Hold the phone, there's Lynching Is Bad, Who Knew? as well. I'm told there may be a podcast feed in the offing for the audio versions of these offerings, stay tuned. (Heh. Adam and friends already need to update that definition of "podcast," as it reads, "In the future, radio shows like All Things Considered and Rush Limbaugh will be available in this manner..." All Things Considered at least apparently dipped its toe in the water, and Rush has of course gone ahead, cannonballed in, and even (gasp!) become a copyfighter, as BoingBoing observed.)

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