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Friday, June 24, 2005

Dean Hachamovitch at Gnomedex

Highlights from Dean Hachamovitch "keystone" at Gnomedex:

This is the first public look at IE7 (which folks are excited about), but that's not the point. The point is how IE7 will incorporate RSS to allow users to do really rich things with RSS enabled content. Not just blogs and news, not just audio and video files, but any file type. RSS is file agnostic. Demos of photos and commentary, calendar entries. Microsoft has also added a namespace extension to RSS that lets publishers mark a feed as a list. RSS now understands a much broader set of data. Gives example of Amazon wish lists. Allows the addition of all sorts of interesting metadata (in wish list ex., price, customer reviews, etc.) Allows the users to program their user experience; sort by categories (still on wish list example: sort by dvd, books, music, date added, price, sales rank, reviews). This is all manipulating the data included in the list.

(Bag and Baggage podcast listeners: remember the 'cast I did rambling about RSS everywhere? This sounds like it is poised to usher in that era.)

Microsoft's Simple List Extensions spec is Creative Commons licensed (Attribution/Share Alike). Shows video clip of Professor Lessig welcoming Microsoft to this form of free licensing. This is the same license that applies to RSS 2.0.

More, and the ongoing discussion, at the IE blog. Channel9's wiki will be the community process for working on the spec.

Bob Wyman and Keith Teare and Marc Canter and Steve Rubel (who sees this as "embrace and extend lite;" "we're now living under Jedi rule") and a great many others all had interesting follow up questions, I recommend the audio (that's the feed again, I'd look there for the earliest posted recordings) to take them in.

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