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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blog In Progress

I gave the Bag and Baggage podcast and show notes their own page today, it's a bit of a work in process. The idea is to give the podcast its own "home," and to make it more overt that the audio is licensed differently (more broadly) than the rest of B&B. This was previously stated only in the podcast's RSS feed, and given Shelley's recent great example of how implementation of the licenses can be confusing and unclear, I thought this might be a good way to supplement the notice in the feed.

Note to Apple: I'd also like to be able to put a verification link in the ID3 tags of the MP3s themselves, as Creative Commons describes, but iTunes (which I use to do the ID3 tags) doesn't support the "TCOP" tag. I don't think it does, anyway. Maybe when iTunes adds more podcast support, this'll be addressed.

I've thought about putting a separate license notice for the audio in the show notes each time I post them, but have not gone that route because it seemed pretty cumbersome. So now what I think I'll do is post the audio and show notes on the podcast page, and point to new shows from the main page when they're available. Of course, if you're subscribed, you'll continue to just get them automatically. I didn't give the new page its own feed; that seemed like overkill since the audio already has one. If you just have to have a feed there, let me know.

Sound good? Comments?

Utterly off topic: a picture of Tyler.

[Update:] Changed my mind, gave the new page its own feed.

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