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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Santa Clara County Bar Suggests "Write Off Your iPod As A Business Expense"

So much for being clueless in the valley: a reader and listener just clued me in that the Santa Clara County Bar Association is podcasting MCLE:

SCCBA is pleased to announce the first in an ongoing series of one-hour CLE-Podcasts. The cutting edge way to earn mcle self-study credit by downloading the cle to your iPod or other MP3 player!!!

The first show, er, session, "2004 in Review," is taught by Christine Burdick, includes a segment called "Stupid Ethics Tricks," and costs $45.00. (Ok, so they're not so very free from cluelessness; about the most I'd price—i.e., about the most I'd pay for—a 1-hour MCLE podcast is $10.00.)

Of course, you could also spread the love in the office and write off staff iPods if you were forwarding dictation files as RSS enclosures.

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