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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Other PopTech

It's happening: molded plastic in various shapes and invariably bright and cheery colors is overrunning my house. It's a war of attrition in which we mere humans haven't a prayer. Forget about the gray goo; it's the hard stuff that's bound to blot out the sun before you can say "attractive storage solutions." And it really doesn't matter how often you load up the car and head down to the local consignment store; things follow you home from there just to perpetuate the cycle. There are however at least 2 unassailable reasons to replenish your plastic menace from such establishments:

  1. Perfectly good corn poppers ("So much for the technical specifications") for $2.00; and
  2. Some other poor sap has freed the items from their packaging prisons.

Oh, and Kevin Marks is clearly collaborating with the non-biodegradeable nemesis; if he hadn't recently forwarded a pointer to the Baby NameVoyager, I and my minions would have far more resources to devote to the next offensive.

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