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Sunday, January 09, 2005

B.P. And A.P.

The millenia line up as either B.C. or A.D. There's a similar B.B. (before blog) and A.B. (after blog) demarcation in my life, and tonight I definitely have the sensation that B.P. (before podcast) and A.P. (after podcast) will also become an important distinction for me. As with the blog, I threw the podcast together without knowing much about what I was doing, following some kindly provided instructions, and in the spirit of trying on something new to see how it fits. This course seems to work pretty well for me. Though others are commendably more thoughtful in their approach, I'm afraid I'm just not that patient. I also believe in the wisdom of Dr. Weinberger's observation that being a little bit broken is a good thing.

As with all things blog related, movement happens quickly in the podosphere! Aldo (who has a great blog on open source, click that link) has already updated the law node. 22 'casts have come online at since I pinged it four hours ago, and when says "submitted segments will appear in the feed within 5 minutes," it means it. (Oops, got a little excited and submitted my 'cast to OpenPodcast before I read the "short segments" exhortation, newbie mistake, apologies. J. Craig's offerings are a better fit lengthwise for inclusion there.)

Better still (drumroll, please)...I had a listener! And not just any listener, but The Wired GC, who emailed nice things about the podcast and show notes. Me happy happy!

Among the people I'd like to see get into podcasting is Sandra Rosenzweig, Technology Editor for the California Lawyer. Rosie has been on the blawgroll here for some time, but her site has recently moved so "update your links," as they say.

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