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Monday, December 06, 2004

Unintended Consequences Of Kick-Ass Free Software

While it's not hard to imagine how iPodder might help Apple sell iPods (which it's not having much trouble with on its own), I'm living proof of the fact it will also be responsible for sales of a slightly more mundane but nearly as pricey product: the Panther OS. (iPodder doesn't seem to run on Jaguar.) Some observations:

  • Apple is offering a nice rebate at the moment if you pick up both iLife and Panther.
  • I had no luck upgrading from Jaguar to Panther, but all was well as soon as I did a clean install. I continue to be amazed at how easy it is to move data and apps around on the Mac platform. No problem at all to migrate everything to the new OS.
  • I hereby nominate Adam Curry for promotion from Prince to God. iPodder will change your life — well, it'll make sure you have great stuff to listen to anytime, anywhere, with virtually no effort, and that's the same thing, isn't it?

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