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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Trend Of The Day: Blawg Networks

Joe Hodnicki, Web producer of the Law Professor Blogs network, emails that "The Law Professor Blogs network just surpassed 1-million page views!" Not bad at all, considering their first blogger began posting in April, '04. (!) (Why do I suspect I'd be alot more — even more? — full of myself if I were using Joe's site stats tool?) I love that more and more law professors are trying out and liking weblogs. If I were a law student, I'd be even more thrilled.

[Update:] So much for that, turns out I am using Joe's site stats tool. Joe explains their TaxProf Blog and Sentencing Law & Policy have received most of this traffic, with outlets like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times contributing to the flow. Related/unrelated: just stumbled on New York Law School's Blogs for Law Faculty page.

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