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Monday, December 20, 2004

I'll Take Deadpan Cleverness Over Shortsighted Paranoia Any Day

Dennis Kennedy has more than a few constructive comments at The Blawg Channel for Professor Jeffrey Rosen:

Unfortunately, as a mere practicing lawyer, I was unable to follow or understand most of the article. However, Rosen did paint a view of the blog world that was new to me. He set up quite a number of straw men and mowed them right down. Mainly, I was left wondering what he could possibly be saying to his students that had him so worried about them blogging about him. That's more a criticism of me, of course, than it is a criticism of his article, which I'm sure that I'd find quite good if I could understand it. [...]

Other takes on this article I've enjoyed: Evan Schaeffer's (via Kevin Heller) (I wonder if Professor Rosen sips cappucino with Andrew Orlowski? John C. Dvorak?); Will Baude's.

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