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Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Chris Chute, in USA Today, Price war rages over photo prints: "This is a price war against home printing. On two fronts: retail and online."

Michael Hiltzik, in the L.A. Times, Building a Better Browser at Mozilla: "Firefox's advantages over Explorer make its rapid acceptance unsurprising."

The L.A. Times covers podcasting, in King of Music Players: "Robert Lucic, a Duke professor of computer science, records the lectures in his course on information science and information studies and posts them to a website where students can download them."

A good L.A. Times article on spyware, geeks, and community, Breaking, Entering Your PC: "[A] man's 'browser helper objects' are about as private as you can get."

Finally, Engadget's Phillip Torrone comments on sad changes at The Screen Savers, and how television probably is not the ideal medium for information about technology.

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