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Monday, November 29, 2004

Second Class Citizens, First Class Slides

Phillip Torrone, on Engadget's first cease and desist letter, from Podcast 16: "I was a little surprised that they went from zero to Digital Millenium Copyright Act in less than a second." So-Cal Microsoftie Lenn Pryor has a righteous rant about Cluetrain come to life starting at about 41:00 of the same MP3: "It's actually happening. We're in this war against the people we pay money to."

Also from Endgadget, I can't wait to give my next presentation sans laptop: HOW TO: Put PowerPoint on your iPod Photo. This is great example of how there is no such thing as "consumer" technology, there's a business hack for everything. And Torrone has this key bit of feedback for Microsoft and Apple:

Ideally new versions of PowerPoint would have a new menu for Porable Media Centers (File > Export to Portable Media Center or File > Sent to Portable Media Center). Also, Keynote should have "Send to iPod Photo".

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