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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Malevolence With A Smile

If you like anything at all about the look of Bag and Baggage, you can thank Matt Round, long-time proprietor of the highly commended Malevole blog and of Malevolent Design, which now has its own "slightly more serious" blog. As I learned firsthand working with Matt on B&B, he has a really impressive grasp on W3C compliance and accessibility standards, in addition to a wide-ranging talent for design and a wicked sense of humor. Along with Mark Pilgrim, Matt opened my eyes to the fact that what a Web site looks like is just the beginning:

Don't be fooled into thinking 'access for all' is about grudgingly catering for a few disabled people – many users are affected, including those with minor visual/motor impairments, anyone using a PDA or mobile 'phone to browse, search engines, 'spiders', and numerous others.

In addition to being a joy to work with, fun to read, and providing invariably tasty eye-candy, Matt is generous with good advice too, as his recent post about gmail precautions demonstrates. Check him out. Tell him the California girl sent you.

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