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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Terra, Firma And Otherwise

I'm back SoCal after an incredible time in San Francisco last week, capped off by watching my ten month old *get* (for the first time) what's happening when an airplane lands. So cool. Some assorted things that caught my eye since I went offline last Friday:

  • Nike's Mp3 Run is no iPod killer, but has some neat features: "Wireless Bluetooth speed-and-distance sensor attaches to your shoe and records time, distance, and pace during your workout. On-demand voice-audio system provides above stats at the press of a button." Could be key for all y'all training hard right now for the NY Marathon.
  • promises to teach you about flower therapy.
  • If the flowers don't fix your mojo, it's time to break out the Money House Blessing air freshener (spotted, goodness knows how, in my 95-year old grandmother's powder room) and the Double Fast Luck Soap.
  • Finally, they don't make you Harvard Business School Dean for nuthin'. Here's Kim Clark from tonight's 60 Minutes story on the current generation of moms, Staying at Home: "[Bussinessmen are] asking the wrong question. The right question is, how do we change to keep this talent active and involved with us?"

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