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Monday, October 11, 2004

From The Inbox

I'm still going through the things that piled up (literally and virtually) while I was running around last week. Some worthwhile stops—

  • The Great Sonsini: "Sonsini is 63 years old, and as chairman and chief executive officer of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, he runs the largest, most successful law firm of its kind in the world."
  • Fettered Access, on litigation concerning the Prelinger Archives (here's BoingBoing on same): "The suit argues that recent changes in copyright law produces an extraordinary 'orphan class' of creative work that shrinks the public domain and thus limits free speech."
  • Full Disclosure, on patenting legal work: "Among the patents that have been issued are a method for network-based legal services (#6,366,925), a method for an Internet-based attorney-client billing system (#6,622,128), and a method for providing electronic discovery on computer databases and archives (#6,738,760)."
  • Michael A. Clark on digital voicemail: "[W]hat do we do about the digital VM on Denise's desk-top or laptop? Because, all other things being equal, it is unquestionably discoverable."
  • In addition to letting users easily apply a Creative Commons license, Flickr now lets you browse photos by type of license.

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