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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


It's tough to blog at dinner (unless maybe you're at the EFF table at Digital ID World), but Mark Cuban tonight at Web 2.0 was his usual razor sharp self. Some highlights:

  • Mark was saying that if he learned one thing in the NBA, it's that a general manager's job is to keep his job. It's a good life, who would want to give it up? So if something goes awry, there's always Shaq to blame. Piracy is Hollywood's Shaq.
  • Cuban is backing search engine IceRocket (no "r"), and he made the point that often, you don't actually care about getting the "most relevant" search result. If you're familiar with the subject matter, you already know the most relevant related site. What you want to know is what's new. Here's the IceRocket blog. He also suggested searching your name in IceRocket Images. You might be surprised what comes up.
  • "CNBC has turned into QVC for stocks." Chortles all around.
  • When asked for a Rorschach test response re David Stern: "Nice guy. Too much of a lawyer."
  • Cory Doctorow, in a question from the audience premised on how high definition displays are more pervasive than most would think: "TVs are just like dumb laptops that are hard to carry around."
  • Cuban, on the slower penetration of broadband in the US vs. elsewhere — it's politics: "Had there not been a DMCA, there probably would have been alot more bandwidth coming into the home."

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