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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"You need a Robolawyer"

So writes Mark Rasch in this month's Wired, and he's right:

What is needed - desperately - is a law robot. A browser-based automaton that could be adjusted to match your tolerance for legal mumbo jumbo. Take privacy agreements, for example: The browser could be set to share your identity only with sites that promise to use the information solely to complete your purchase, or that agree not to share it with third parties, or any of a host of options. Web site operators would use a similar query-based method to set up their privacy policies. Of course, they could write their own language, but they would then run the risk that your robolawyer wouldn't accept it.

The article is a perfect jumping off point for a session at Digital ID World, don't you think Eric and Phil? Doc's keynotes in years past have been very much in this vein, but haven't honed in on this particular issue.

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