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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Just stumbled on Mark Hurst's This Is Broken, a blog full of photos and commentary about stuff that should work better but doesn't. It's a little like the dark side of Gizmodo and Engadget, and covers a wide range of material (like the golf course sign that doesn't spell out the "No Tank Top" rule until the 4th hole). Mark also writes the Good Experience blog and newsletter.

One of Mark's readers writes that her Blackberry is broken. I haven't completely decided how I feel about the things, but I think I might agree. Akin Gump associate Natasha Kohne is not a fan, but her concerns don't focus on usability so much as the device's tendency to Eat Manhattan (or your life) like a B-movie creature. I'd be more likely to cozy up if it had an RSS reader...barring that, I'm finding it redundant tech. (I have a better phone. I have WiFi, a better browser, and a better email app.) Maybe they grow on you.

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