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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I'll Second That—Today's New Blawg

Manhattan appellate lawyer Sanford (Sandy) Hausler has taken the wraps off his 2nd Circuit blog, Second Opinions.

More blawgs specific to various Circuits include Matt Conigliaro's Abstract Appeal (11th Circuit), and Sixth Circuit Law by Jason Nemes. There's also The Limit of its Logic (for the 9th) but that one seems to have died on the vine, and I can't tell whether Dina Grinshpun's Federal Circuit Blog is going–going? Or gone. Others?

[Update:] Marcia Oddi reminds me that her Indiana Law Blog covers all 7th Circuit decisions, and all Indiana appellate decisions to boot.

[Update:] Steve Minor points out that in addition to his own SW Virginia Law Blog, several others "sometimes sort of" cover the 4th Circuit:

Of course, I've assumed throughout this post it goes without saying Howard Bashman provides excellent coverage of all the Circuits, and many state appellate decisions too, but now I'm saying it anyway. =D

[Update] Jonathan Soglin covers a good deal of the 9th Circuit's output at Criminal Appeal—and may well hold the TypePad record for number of post categories.

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