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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

First Thing We Do, Let's Frag All The Lawyers

Bob Ambrogi points to two games that let you unleash your inner client, both from "Zap the suits, save the pizza aliens and dotty millionaires," and "Beware: Lawyers at Work." 'Cause smacking a lawyer has roughly the same universal appeal as puppies.

Jenny Levine spotlights a picture blog from the public library in lovely San Marino, CA. Who will be the first law firm or law school with a mo- or photo-blog? I double-dog dare you. Send links.

Along these lines, kudos to Rick Klau and Matt Homann for challenging the legal field on its invariably ponderous (and sometimes felonious) path toward innovation. Matt is setting up a wiki and engaging in other tree-shaking activities:

In weekly posts, I'll ask five people — who are experts in their fields — to give me five ideas on a given topic. Every week, the five people will come from a different (usually non-legal) discipline, but the topic will always focus upon the innovative marketing, pricing, and delivery of legal services. [...]
[H]ere is my weekend agenda for renewing my creativity and recommitting myself to making my practice better...

Good stuff. I give my own practice about a B+ on this front, partly for our good actions and partly for our good intentions. We can and should all do better.

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