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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

D Coverage

Several of the journalist bloggers linked below are posting reports from D, so I'm assuming the Wall Street Journal perhaps did the smart thing and lifted its restrictions on them, rather than trying to make the whole thing off the record?

Power Lunch just interviewed VCs Mitch Kertzman and Vinod Khosla about:

  • Agami and disruptive cost structures;
  • social software (Friendster, Visible Path) and new markets;
  • ASPs (, Five Nines [good name, but I can't find a company link], Sapius;
  • second generation WiFi applications (for phones, music); and
  • per Kertzman, an uptick in corporate spending on IT, with companies asserting more control over what they pay and how they buy, necessitating more pricing "by the glass than by the case."

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