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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Manicured Text

I'm the only person I know who reads tech, law, and business magazines by the stackload at the nail salon. (When I'm done, I leave them there to get picked on — "darling, brown covers are so 1992! — by the much heftier Vogue, Elle, and Glamour.) Thus, I was treated to ten shimmering pink toes and nearly as many worthwhile articles yesterday:

In May's California Lawyer, there's an excellent article by Lee Gomes (who wrote in the Wall Street Journal not long ago he's "a voracious reader of these things [weblogs] as are most of my friends, reporters included") on the SCO litigation, Desperate Measures:

Now, with the Linux IP challenged in court, the open-source community is attempting to document its heritage. The result could be a clean bill of health for Linux-and a major headache for its giant rival to the north. And that's not exactly what SCO was hoping for.

Jimmy Nguyen has a thorough overview of the DMCA in the May issue of Los Angeles Lawyer, Code Breaking:

The steady pace of technological innovation shows no sign of abating, so entertainment companies, courts, and legislators will continue their efforts to find an appropriate balance between the protection of intellectual property rights and the rights of consumers.

In fact, the whole May issue is on entertainment law, and the articles on fan Web sites and clearance and copyright also are interesting (PDFs available at the previous link).

A couple of blog articles caught my eye: one in Mother Jones, The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged, and one in Fast Company, It's A Blog World After All. The first makes a number of incorrect assumptions about the blogosphere (chiefly that it's all about politics, and that women aren't significant participants). The second takes a good look at blogs and business. Marry it with Doc's advice and Scoble's Manifesto and you're onto something big.

Mac Addict has a rundown of Apple's current litigation culled from its recent 10-Q. The article is not (yet?) linkable, but MacMinute summarizes the whole quarterly report.

Jason Krause looks at the state of Lexis and Westlaw in the ABA Journal (and quotes Steve Cohen and Genie Tyburski): Towering Titans.

Factoid of the day: most jars of starter baby food have just 25 - 65 calories.

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