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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Love Means Never Having To Ask "Where'd I See That?"

I wrote awhile back about Gmail as an ad hoc, kick ass knowledge management tool. Lawyers typically subscribe to an avalanche of email newsletters and summaries of new developments (like these from FindLaw, or this from the LACBA, or these from TechnoLawyer). Sure, soon you'll just scan such material in an aggregator and decide what if anything is worth reading. But suppose you're too time strapped even for that. Suppose you never want to read this sort of thing until the precise moment you need it to answer a question for yourself, a colleague, or a client. Simple: subscribe to these services using Gmail (when you can, when you can), and archive it all immediately. What you have yourself then folks is a free, fully indexed and searchable, gigabyte's worth of Stuff You Might Need To Know. Heckuva a way to kick off a research project. (And don't talk to me about Outlook folders and filters. Stone knives and bear skins.)

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