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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

TV Or Not TV

ScienceDaily thoughtfully provides the link to the study (PDF) published in the April issue of PEDIATRICS that has been causing such a stir on Today and CNN among the great unwashed masses (like, who can wash?) of parents with children under 3. As the press release from the Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center explains, the study found that exposure to television while the brain is still developing ups the chances a child will develop ADHD.

ScienceDaily also links to a story about a 2001 study (sponsored by the Children's Television Workshop) on the positive effects of educational television, which were "strongest for children aged 2 and 3." So here's what sounds like a winning long bet. A quarter century from now researchers will be investigating the causes of TVD, or Tunnel Vision Disorder: the inability to shift one's focus fluidly and rapidly from one topic or activity to another.

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