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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Speed Limit: 8 Miles Per Hour

It was indescribably beautiful here today, so I'm in the process of posting a bunch of photos from my walk with the baby. I hope these help quell the entirely fictitious and not at all rampant rumor that they want me on the Third Circuit. (Unless I too could have chambers in the Ninth...Hmm!)

On the seventh day God made maternity leave. And it was good. So educational too. In just one day, for example, my portion of wisdom increased in numerous subtle ways:

  • It's tough to beat a charged phone, a charged iPod, an uncharged baby in a big, comfy stroller, and a whole morning to enjoy them.
  • It's a really good time to be in construction.
  • Trash day is trash day — even on the beach.
  • The roses in our front yard bloom in April.
  • One need not necessarily juggle one's schedule a month in advance to work in a hair cut.
  • Baseball caps. (I'd forgotten all about them.)
  • There are literally hours of baby entertainment in that paper bag Starbucks provides with your muffin.
  • If you should find yourself in a grocery store without the baby, there is hardly any reason at all to rock the shopping cart.

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