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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Giving BloggerCon A Run For Its Pixels

Marc Canter has been keeping me in stitches today, sending piles of interesting email to my GMail account in an effort to get it to spew related ads and pages at me. (No luck — I must have the ad-free version.) All this in the middle of DaddyCon SF, hoo boy. MommyCon OC is on a semi-concurrent track:

Hello darling,
How're you feeling?
Mommy's tired,
Almost reeling!
You've been such a
Little grumpster,
It's a wonder you're not sleeping in the dumpster!

Such a sunny
Like the Spanish
Though you burble,
And you smile
That behavior hasn't been here in a while.

Where's the light switch,
Shall we dim it?
I've about reached
My limit.
Piles of laundry,
Poopy diapers,
You keep crying and I'll need some windshield wipers.

(That last was most unfair to the baby, who's being a little angel right now. Not even a fallen one.)

By the way, if Marc Canter, Shelley Powers and Jonas Luster all say WordPress is a good blogging tool, you'd better believe it. I'll second Marc's enthusiasm for Blogware too, Elliot knows his stuff.

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