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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

VOCSS (Verdicts Of Carl Saganesque Size)

VerdictSearch Releases Top 100 List for 2003, Headed by $12 Billion Award against Exxon Mobil:

VerdictSearch(R) released its third annual ranking of the 100 largest awards by juries in 2003. An $11.9 billion award to the State of Alabama in its case against Exxon Mobil for breach of contract heads this year's VerdictSearch Top 100....Exxon Mobil was sued by Alabama, which alleged that the company had significantly underpaid royalties due under an existing contract. The year's second-largest award of $934 million in compensatory and punitive damages came as the result of a lawsuit filed by medical device manufacturer Beckman Coulter against supplier Flextronics, International Ltd. and its U.S. subsidiary Flextronics USA, Inc., formerly known as Dovatron. The third-largest award of $521 million was made to Eolas Technologies after a jury found that Microsoft had misappropriated Web technology developed at the University of California.

Perspective: that Exxon Mobil verdict could also be expressed as roughly one dollar per year since the beginning of time.

[Update] More from Dan Gillmor re the no. 3 slot.

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