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Friday, February 06, 2004

Tyke Tech

It's really interesting, being forced to take a more passive approach to blogging. (When the choice is showering, sleeping, eating, feeding the baby to yet another installment of the West Wing on Bravo, or blogging, the first four pursuits have a decided edge.) I have these vague notions that Orkut streaked briefly across the firmament, that I need to go read all the links about the Grokster oral argument, and that I should go see if Frank agrees with Dean. (I see Kos has made the critical cause and effect connection.) I can almost hear the laughter bursting out of my neglected iMac owing to this little faux pas, and I chuckled to see that the moon's biggest fans have hit the big time. I do miss the Web!

Though I fully intend to catch up with several blawg related items one of these days (er, weeks; congrats, Howard!), it's still all about the bambino around here for the time being. Of course, there's always the tech connection—like the baby keyboard, the two way monitor, and the delightful I See Me! books you can customize and order online.

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