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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Resident Weeble

Shh. Tyler finally is asleep in a spot that does not involve any portion of my anatomy. Here's something I didn't know until post-delivery. The first month with a newborn is like a particularly sadistic yet addictive video game (whether first person shooter or role playing, I haven't quite decided). The game's primary goal is to keep the Baby from Crying. Secondarily, game play also involves keeping the Baby Fed and Clean (see Goal 1), as well as free from Harm and Sickness. Tertiary goals include the occasional meal, restroom visit, and dose of vitamins for the Gamer. Bonus points are awarded for the Shower Maneuver, but don't plan on accomplishing it without some serious cheats. Oops, game on again, now where did that diaper-sabre go?

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