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Thursday, December 04, 2003

One Week Down, A Lifetime To Go

Welcome to Tyler's one week birthday, mother and baby are doing fine. Actually, that hackneyed expression fails so utterly to capture the joy in this experience I'm ashamed to have typed it. But time is precious (he's asleep, but not for long), so there it stays.

Some un- or undersung heros deserve thanks for the smooth sailing we have had to date.

  • John Bonica, who is "credited with developing the epidural block to relieve the pain of childbirth." Dr. Bonica died in 1994, and no doubt his grave is spangled with tribute in a way that puts Jim Morrison's to shame.
  • The creators of Lansinoh, Colace, and the Boppy.
  • Our birth doula, Jody Jenson. Beyond awesome.

I understand some interesting things have been going on out here and at the California Supreme Court during the last week. Links to come.

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