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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Never Too Late

Greetings from Baby Land, a blissful place where time both stops and races by, simultaneously. I've been hoping to point to a few things; you've probably already been/done, but this post is mostly therapeutic. I have the feeling I'll need to get used to being behind the curve on blogospheric developments, at least for a while. In no particular order...

  • Howard Bashman interviews Judge Richard A. Posner, who shows no signs at all of "run[ning] out of steam."
  • The Ninth Circuit denies rehearing en banc in Batzel, and Judge Gould's partial concurrence/partial dissent includes a hypothetical that demonstrates the good Judge's thorough familiarity with the wonderful world of legal weblogs. More links, etc. from Howard.
  • Andrew Zangrilli's Editor's Corner at FindLaw's Modern Practice highlights blawgs and the Blogbook.
  • A hearty welcome back to David Giacalone, who also was kind enough to point me toward Tyler's first IP lesson: Dutch police arrest Bert and Ernie.
  • Who needs a publisher's advance when there is PayPal? RB is writing another book, and you can help.
  • Mad Kane waxes Oklahoman in a tribute to our head of state. Do be sure to click through to Mad's post; not only is it characteristically knee-slapping, but she also notes some interesting search results. (Did anyone listen to yesterday's radio address? Don't you agree the Presidential staff should insist W. run through those things a few more times before they switch on the mic? As long as we're on this topic, I'll also say how much I'm enjoying the Anne Lamott book that one of you recommended, Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year. Anne is a witty and heart wrenching writer, and no fan at all of the political right: "I wish Sam didn't have to grow up in such a violent scary world. There's so much cancer, so much plague; there are so goddamn many child snatchers, psychopaths, Republicans. It's all so nuts these days. When did that happen?")

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