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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Fires Behind The Wall

Some blog shaped sparks at Bryan Cave [via Sabrina Pacifici]:

The blogs we are creating now are generally for current awareness, or for sharing information within a practice group or work teams.  The firm is beginning to use blogs in new ways though, for instance, there is currently a team who is studying how to use blogging software to develop an alumni program to network with former attorneys of the firm.  The firm is also investigating use of news-readers to help organize blog subscriptions and information, and hopes to have a news-reader up and running by early 2004.  This would allow users to subscribe to blogs, both internal and external, and have the information dumped directly into folders in our email system.  Users would no longer have to go to the blog, the blog will come to them.  The client technology team has found the blog interface to be user friendly, inexpensive, and intuitive, which is leading them to believe that further down the road, Bryan Cave will be looking at blogs as the interface for the firm intranet as a whole.

Along these lines, hell yes corporate blogging experiments deserve a break. [Via Jason Shellen]

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