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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Today's New Blawg

Heidi Bond is a 1L at Michigan who writes Letters of Marque. [Via the Blawg Ring] Heidi has decided to write her blawg under her own name, reasoning as follows:

The arguments against it go like this: If I criticize people, post snippets of conversation I find amusing, grouse about my classes, everything I say will be here for anyone to see. If people know who I am, I'll be blamed for what I write.

But it cuts two ways. Anonymity gets no credit, either. It's not that I expect adulation, but maybe—just maybe—I'll act like an adult if I'm doing it in my own name.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised by how silly adults act.

As one who indeed has been pleasantly surprised, I commend you to Heidi's blawg.

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