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Thursday, November 06, 2003

My Secretary Can Kick Your Secretary's...Case Management Strategy

My wonderful assistant Adriane, a Karate sensei and mom of two in her spare time, just told me she wants to start a Karate blog. I thought I'd better mention that quickly, especially since she's throwing me my first ever baby shower, uh, now. It's best not to tick off a woman packing nunchucks.

I've never really been a big baby shower enthusiast, but I have to confess: this morning I was fascinated by the slick stroller tech on display outside Starbucks. This doesn't mean I don't still have Envy envy; it just means it's a strange, paradoxical world.

For a gripping, moving, and for someone who is staring down her due date, downright chilling, account of the arrival of Ari-son-of-Kos, get on over and read the Fishyshark: First Day At Home.

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