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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet—We're Witing Bwiefs

Sorry so quiet around here, I'm more than a little buried this week. Be sure you haven't missed Donna Wentworth's comprehensive post about the Diebold flap, and the latest installment of Howard Bashman's 20 Questions, featuring the 8th Circuit's Richard S. Arnold: "The aspect of the job I like most is that all I have to do is do right. Every day when I come to work and pick up a file, that is my only job. Let right be done."

Also high on my recommendations list at the moment is Chris Lydon's two-part interview with Stirling Newberry. Regardless of whether it's linguistically accurate to use the term "open source politics," Stirling's discussion on the topic has broad implications beyond just politics. Legal institutions of all stripes should be paying attention to these considerations as well.

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