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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Whose Standard Is It, Anyway?

Dan Farber's* article on Federated identity, PingID and standards cartels provides a good overview of some of the standards issues and discussions from Digital ID World last week, and highlights the efforts of PingID, which Farber says "takes its cue from a well-known and successful networked partner infrastructure: the ATM banking system." I'm still intrigued by the excellent question posed by Cory Doctorow during Phil Windley's primer on the developing standards: how are the intellectual property implications of the standards being dealt with on the front end, and if they're not, do people understand what this can mean? John Udell is wondering the same thing. You would think something is pretty bleeding edge if no one has yet figured out who will own it, but cue Phil again: he's wondering why digital identity is not an emerging technology.

*That's Dan, far right.

[Update] PingID's Bryan Field-Elliot has some thoughts.

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