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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Today's New Blawg

Andis Kaulins is a busy man. He's a lecturer at the University of Trier Law School in Germany, and "the Best in the World – Ever" at decipherment of ancient records. I'm also a fan of his photo/bio pages. Andis writes LawPundit ("Law is a Seamless Web"):

Did you know? The father of "markup languages" Charles F. Goldfarb, was a graduate of Harvard Law School. No wonder the web works. The dynamic field of law, always populated by many gifted multi-talented generalists, is a kind of "living" seamless web. It is a web which continues to expand and grow in the internet age on the World Wide Web (WWW). The increasing number of blogs related to law as a discipline are a part of this development. One court is already using a blog to improve its flow of information. See Rory Perry's Weblog.

Welcome, Andis! (Should you ever be passing through southern California, I'm about to embark on some serious closet cleaning and there are some ancient artifacts that could require your attention.)

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