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Thursday, October 23, 2003

A Little Like Audblog. But Softer.

In case you didn't know, you can put audio posts on your Blogger blog in MP3 format. (An example, from Jason Shellen. Audblog works with many other blogging tools too.) Similar deal, less public: according to mail I got last night, you can also send MP3 voice recordings to any email address using Infone (this new feature does not seem to be listed on the Infone site yet; I couldn't find it anyway). Cool idea. Do you really *need* to leave voice messages in people's email? Probably not. Could it be fun/useful? Sure. (Truth be told, this reminds me a bit of how excited I got years ago—must've been '95—upon discovering you could embed little recorded comments into Word documents. Visions of audio editing danced in my head. I think I used it twice.)

I signed up for Infone about a month ago, falling prey to the aggressive TV ad campaign they were running at the time. (Not the one with James Carville in his underwear, thank goodness.) It's a pretty nice service to have available in a pinch, with a free trial period and pay as you go pricing after that (so it costs nothing unless you use it). I didn't fully appreciate it until the night I got a panicked phone call from my husband, relaying a panicked phone call from a neighbor. One of our pipes had burst—flooding, joy. It was a Saturday night. Not so easy to find emergency plumbing services under those circumstances, but with Infone, it was. One $.89 call (actually, it didn't even cost that; I'm still in the free trial) produced a handful of local referrals and a competent guy with a big wrench within about an hour. Me gusta. The Infone FAQ page also is well worth a visit. Ahem:

What is a 10-10 number?
Who cares?

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