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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Today's New Blawg

Diana Foss is among the majority of Californians in the upcoming gubernatorial race, and writes Pig-Biting Mad About The Recall. Diana is not running for governor so much as against the recall, according to her Web page and blog. One can learn much from Diana, such as that anger can lead to irrational cravings for pork products, and that it took only until August 26 for someone to come out with a California Governor Candidate Deck of Cards. I learned of Diana's blog from Chris Heilman's Ultimate California Gubernatorial Recall Candidate List, courtesy of a link from Dave Winer (geshunteit!). Also blogging her way through her recall election candidacy is Georgy Russell.

[Update] Oops, almost missed two more blogging Sacramento hopefuls, also from Chris's list: Dan Feinstein (distant relation) and Marc Valdez.

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