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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Worth Not Waiting For

I'm on a blawgroll these last few days. These are too good to save for another big update, so here's a skinny-mini:


  • Paul Martin is MP for LaSalle-Émard in Montreal, Quebec. [Via, and more from, Dave Winer, who has word Mr. Martin "will likely become Canada's next Prime Minister (some pollsters report he has the support of about 80% of the delegates)."]


  • William J. Dyer has Texas-sized rations of charm, humor, and wit to spare—and I've never even met the guy. Go read, you'll see what I mean.
  • George Wallace has fired up a blog on "on California Insurance and Professional Liability Law (and other legal topics)." George's A Fool in the Forest also is still going strong.


  • Jerry Lawson too has multiplied his blogging outlets and launched the eLawyer Blog. (What's with all this productivity, people? It can't all be due to the siren song of back-to-school advertising.)

Stay Tuned

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