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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Slow Vote To China? Up To The Ninth

Rick Hasen (1:01 p.m. PT): "Judge Wilson has denied TRO request in ACLU case."

CNN (4:07 p.m. ET): "Judge refuses to delay California recall."

Howard Bashman (4:08 p.m. ET): "I was on the phone a bit earlier with a reporter for a nationwide television news outlet, and the reporter was very interested in learning all about the Ninth Circuit, the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over California."

A CNN reporter earlier today called the Ninth Circuit "unpredictable"—granted I practice primarily in California, but the Ninth Circuit has no corner on the unpredictability market. Much more coverage of this afternoon's ruling by Central District Judge Stephen Wilson is available at Google News, and Rick Hasen (above) is an election law professor at Loyola Law School here in L.A. When he says "more later" in a situation like this, it's worth coming back for.

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