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Friday, August 29, 2003

The Screen Savers Meet The Blawgs

The things this weblog does when I'm not there keeping an eye on it. Yesterday, while I was busy working away on a brief, it snuck out and made an appearance on TechTV's The Screen Savers. Sarah Lane featured Bag and Baggage and the blawg world in general on yesterday's show. Thanks to the wonders of TiVo (and the fact The Screen Savers has top priority Season Pass status on mine), here's how the segment went down:

Sarah: I have a tip for those of you who think blogs are nothing but self-serving, mindless drivel. Yes, I know who you are, you email me all the time. Allow me to introduce you to the "blawg," b-l-a-w-g, that's blawg as in "law blog." All right, yes, this is all about legal blogs, blogs that have very important information as far as the legal system goes, whether it's academic, or, you know, what's going on in, you know, law. [Sarah laughs.] I don't even know what I'm talking about any more.

Patrick: What'd you have for lunch today Sarah?

Sarah: Speed! No, I'm just kidding.

Leo: It's What's For Dinner!

Sarah: One very good one, Bag and Baggage, is a very, very good example. It's run by Denise Howell, she's an intellectual property lawyer. It's very interesting stuff going on, she links to a million different sites. One other very good one is Don't Link To Us! I love this one, it's all about very stupid linking policies, for example, why American Express prohibits you to link to some of their sites.

Leo: Isn't that silly? It's so silly.

Sarah: It's just ridiculous, yes. Lots more going on, great academic researchers also, they're in links at

The Paper Chase gets a good plug in the show notes too.

So there was Bag and Baggage, parading around in next to nothing on the big plasma screen, tongue kissing Don't Link To Us! on national television—for a second there I thought I'd tuned in to the VMAs! (Thanks to the nice folks at TechTV.)

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