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Friday, August 08, 2003

More. Merrier.

I updated the blawgroll last weekend, but am just now getting around to posting about the additions. Before we get to that, please note that Buzz and Ernie have been having fun with TypePad, and until further notice can be found at those links. JCA also has Movabled. As for the newcomers:


  • Senator Tom Daschle writes Travels with Tom, documenting the 2003 version of his annual driving tour, which commenced on August 4 and will focus on the issue of health care. [Via Dave Winer]


  • Joseph S. Beckman writes the Patent Blog, and, if I'm not mistaken, the Copyright Blog too. Joseph and both blogs in any event are part of the Intellect Law Group. Note too that both sport Creative Commons licenses (see the end of this post).
  • George L. Lenard practices labor and employment law with Harris Dowell Fisher & Harris, L.C. and provides in-depth coverage of new cases in his field, among other things.
  • The blogger in residence at Misplaced Thoughts just took the Wisconsin bar, and may or may not still have some affiliation with Jones Day. [Via the Blawg Ring]
  • Mommies at Law is a group blog written by some hot blawging mamas who warn that "we Lawyer-Mommies will soon be taking over! (Insert ominous music and maniacal laughter here.)" My belly kicks its approval.
  • The Mommy Blawg is a solo effort along the same lines, whose authoress wonders whether "someone besides [herself] will be reading this." I haven't taken enough aspirin today (can't, actually) even to attempt a whole power law digression here, so instead will just posit "yes!"
  • quantum meruit's author is a solicitor in private practice in Melboure, Australia. More here.
  • Lawyer and legal writing instructor Robert M. Unterberger is writing four blogs (as Ernie quipped, he's "taking advantage of the newly relaxed FCC rules that allow for concentrated ownership of media"). They consist of personal injury law blogs for the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, as well as a Law Student Writing blog. All I can say is I hope Robert has discovered the power of prenatal vitamins (heck, I hope you all have, I haven't had so much as a sniffle since March).

Learning The Craft

  • Bikini Bread is doing law school with two kids and no $$, and has had a recent run-in with the USA PATRIOT Act. [Via the Blawg Ring]
  • Richard Carstone starts law school in a couple of weeks, somewhere "really good," and has more to say about himself here. [Via]
  • falconred is a law student to be, and passes along the tragic news that Open & Notorious no longer will be either: "we're all about free expression, but we care about our careers more. it's not worth it. let's just leave it at that." This truly blows, those folks have considerable talent and wit (I mean, just the thought of a "Learned Foot..."). I can see where being brutally, hilariously, and publicly honest about one's law school experiences could prejudice a student's chances with some employers. I can also see where it potentially could improve them. Let me ask you this: given those possibilities, which employer would *you* rather work with? (Climbs down off soapbox; continues blogging.) [Via]
  • Fantasy Justice, a Jason Nemes production, aims to foster friendly competition among those inclined to call the outcomes of pending U.S. Supreme Court cases. If you're into this sort of thing, you might also enjoy Sean Carter's version.
  • Dylan Fishberg has some insightful thoughts on blawger anonymity (and appreciates the value of a well-timed conspiracy theory). [Via the Blawg Ring]
  • Chris Geidner is a 2L at OSU's Moritz College of Law and writes about a variety of legal issues.
  • The blawger at Law v. Life just got some good journal news (so did JCA by the way, go say congrats), and might just know Chris Geidner since they're at the same school. [Via the Blawg Ring]
  • Proper Binge starts law school this fall with a healthy appetite. [Via the Blawg Ring]
  • TJ starts law school at Harvard in the fall, and, like Dylan (who provided the pointer) has been thinking about anonymity. TJ adds this to the mix, while holding off on a definitive decision: "...the Internet makes it easy to turn off a whole bunch of people very quickly, and I would hate to burn bridges before I even knew they existed." True enough, but there are bridges to be built as well as burned—particularly at Harvard, I would think.

Blawgers At Large

Managing The Chaos

  • z. at Legal References is a legal reference librarian who hates bad search engines and loves sharing the tricks of her trade, much to our benefit. [Via]


  • provides a directory of student Web sites, including blogs. (Warning: annoying banner ads.)
  • The Westminster Law Library at the University of Denver is listing blawgs.

It seems appropriate to wrap up this post with a pointer to Professor Lessig's, we hardly knew you [via Dave Winer]:

Maybe the signature captures it all. The promise of something different at — despite great technology and really innovative business ideas — must always compete with "legal." Innovation must compete with tradition.

Is it impossible to imagine the lawyers ever on the side of innovation?

You hundreds of blogging legal professionals, academicians, and law students one way or another are on the side of innovation, and I stand up and applaud you for it.

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