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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

It Slices And Dices, But Doesn't Come Cheap And Has A Pesky Fruit Allergy

Our Practice Support Group here at the law firm is creating a database that includes user testimonials about our support applications. They asked me to give my $.02 about Real-Legal's Binder, something we use to help manage the record on appeal. As you can see, I'm a fan:

E-Transcript Binder is the most simultaneously intuitive and powerful transcript management application I have ever encountered, and I've used a bunch. It is smarter than any other program I've used about transcript importation and page and line numbering. Its use of headings from the transcripts themselves ("Cross Examination of Witness X") as navigation tools is as far as I know unmatched, and a huge time saver. It offers a variety of simple and more detailed search options, as well as a user-friendly, color-coded issue management system that makes it easy to achieve both semantic and chronological organization of issues across an entire case. It uses a variety of customizable yet readily comprehensible parameters for report generation. It works with a scroll mouse. It lets multiple users across the network work with a project in or out of the office and sync their work and comments up to the central server for common access. It allows for printing in condensed or full-sized formats. It is a whiz in the kitchen, and makes quite delicious french toast.

Binder's downsides are its pricing/licensing (PDF), and the fact it's Windows only. But then, perfection is a rare thing when it comes to these sorts of programs.

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