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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Hot August Blawgs

I'm not sure what it is about August, '03, but it seems to be a particularly propitious time for new blawgs. Here are the latest I've seen on the scene:


  • David Hoggard hopes to blog his way to a City Council seat in Greensboro, NC. [Via Doc Searls and Ed Cone]
  • Senator John Kerry has even loftier aspirations. [28 Daypop and climbing]
  • Georgy Russell is 26, from Oakland, and running for governor: "Georgy was the co-founder of a storage software company, and an avid dancer. She has filed for several patents, and currently works innovating new technologies for a leading software company. Her next goal is to represent California's values with the perspective and insight of an average hard working Californian." [Via Doc Searls]

Learning The Craft


  • Someone stop him! (Or don't actually, 'cause he posts darn fine stuff.) Jerry Lawson is at it again, this time with, a blog seeking "[t]o provide useful resources for lawyers employed by the federal government and to facilitate their networking." [Via Tom Mighell]

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