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Monday, August 11, 2003

Brand Not So New

Today's Los Angeles Times business section includes articles by John Healey on the state of Rio Audio, and the AP on Ask Jeeves:

  • Rio Making a Play to Regain Dominance in Portable Music: "[T]he Santa Clara, Calif.-based maker of portable digital music players is spending the next three weeks replacing its entire product line in a bold bid to regain the dominance it squandered during Sonicblue's financial troubles."
  • Where's Jeeves? Web Firm Is Glad You Asked: "Although [Ask Jeeves President Steven] Berkowitz believes Ask Jeeves has built a search engine 'second to none,' it isn't getting much respect on the Internet."

With Napster's comeback scheduled before year end, it's enough to make you double-check the calendar.

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