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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Q&A with Ed Stoner about Gratz and Grutter

Ed Stoner, the head of my firm's higher education practice group, participated this afternoon in a live Web chat/colloquy hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education, on the subject of the Michigan affirmative action decisions. Ed fielded a variety of questions from university representatives, students and others around the world about how the U.S. Supreme Court's reasoning and conclusions may affect issues such as faculty hiring, scholarships, recruitment, and much more. I know I'm tooting a colleague's horn here, but this is a wide-ranging exploration of issues you may not yet have thought of or seen addressed in the coverage about the cases. I found it very informative, and I recommend it. Ed wraps up with a reminder that he will have more along these lines at an upcoming seminar:

I will be talking about this on August 13 when Reed Smith does its complimentary Higher Education Law all day seminar in Warrendale, just north of Pittsburgh. If you'd like to attend, it is open to all higher ed administrators. You may find out more by e-mailing or visiting our website.

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