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Monday, July 28, 2003

More Music And Media, In The Times

Both from today's Los Angeles Times business section:

John Healey, "Napster Service to Be Revived by Year-End"

"Napster 2.0 has been built from the ground up to reflect the values of the original Napster brand, which is really all about independence, innovation and consumer choice," [Roxio Chief Executive Chris] Gorog said.

He declined to disclose how much the new service would charge or what specific restrictions would be imposed on the songs it sold, which would be in an encrypted format from Microsoft to deter piracy. But he said the restrictions would be "very liberal, very easy to understand, and most importantly, they will be common throughout" — unlike the patchwork found on the new downloadable music store from of Aliso Viejo.

Jube Shiver Jr., "Focus of Media Debate Turns to Congress"

Powell had already put together the votes to pass his agenda for relaxing media ownership rules. So, the strange-bedfellows alliance turned away from the agency and focused its attention elsewhere: If they couldn't stop the deregulation train from leaving the FCC, they might be able to derail it farther down the tracks, in the halls of Congress.

Last week, their strategy paid off.

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