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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Going To The Cats

I leave today for a mixed work/family trip to the Bay Area. The work part will involve some meetings in Berkeley and a dinner in Emeryville—at which it will take an iron will to remember I am "in a family way" and may not order a Fog Cutter. The family part will involve staying with my grandmother in Los Gatos. She was born in 1909, when wireless technology already was the buzz, Teddy Roosevelt was paying high-protein workers' compensation, the first ham radio broadcast was made, and Shackleton's Nimrod expedition found the magnetic south pole.

The camera and computer are never far out of reach, so I hope to check in again soon from a town made for bloggers.

(In unrelated/actual news, Justice Brown goes to Washington; wow! As the Recorder points out, among other things this would open up a spot on the California Supreme Court potentially to be filled by a nominee of Governor Davis.)

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