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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Queen, Country, And Mutton Dressed As Lamb

Rick Klau, you rock, for (among other things) linking to Virginia Heffernan and her Slate review of the BBC's "What Not To Wear:"

Emphasize your waist. Reveal your décolletage. Dress in burgundy. Wear heels. For women, these four imperatives appear to have near universal application, and week after week Trinny and Susannah hand them down with such brio that I'm always happy to hear them again.

Like Heffernan, I don't quite get why I'm so enamored of these two but there's no denying it. Finding a new episode on the TiVo is like debarking from a rough channel crossing (even though it would take technology on the order of Landsat to locate my décolletage).

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