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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Plane Reading

Spotted in transit—

From Inc. Magazine:

"Blogging for Dollars:" "Blogs have long been popular with mopey teens looking to share their angst and political pundits eager for an online soapbox. But they are increasingly being put to commercial use by entrepreneurs."
"What's Next: Don't Get Brobecked:" "[D]o what you should have done all along—manage your lawyer the way you manage any supplier relationship, something few companies without in-house counsel ever do." And (imagine my delight at 30,000 feet) this, and more, from Rick Klau: "Many firms had their best year ever in 2001 or even 2002, despite the recession, but that is just because the legal business is slower to be affected by the economy. Even after client businesses sour, there is still plenty of legal work to be done cleaning up the mess. But eventually that work is finished and if the economy doesn't pick up, then the lawyers are in trouble."

From Newsweek:

Speaking of Rick, he was the first person to turn me on to Howard Dean last summer. Now Newsweek says of the candidate, "Dean's insurgency may falter, but he's already made history: the first Web-launched candidate to go mainstream in the era of BlackBerry and Bluetooth." ("Spinning a New Web.")

I didn't read the whole flight, spent most of it cleaning up D notes, actually. Will have Semel, Brin, Page, Leonsis and Cuban posted as soon as I rip through some room service.

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